Company History

At the foundation of any successful tenant improvement or design-build project is client participation, effective communication, and an unparalleled knowledge of the task at hand. For over five years, CDG Builders has prided itself on building all projects from this foundation.

With over 30 years of construction industry experience, Founder and Principal Greg Horvath and Principal Chris DeFazio have built a company rooted in providing Service to Others, specializing in a variety of commercial and healthcare projects.

Horvath and DeFazio met in 2005 while working in the special projects division at Rudolph and Sletten’s Irvine office. With exposure to an array of markets, they helped advance their division into becoming one of the most successful departments in their firm. In 2006, their unique bond, formed by similar principles, would lead them to envision an organization of their own. Before they would have the opportunity to transform this idea into a reality, they would go on to further develop the skills, tools, and experiences necessary to build a thriving business.

In 2008, Horvath took CDG Builders live, bidding and completing his first project for the company in 2009. In 2010, Horvath and DeFazio formed a partnership and dedicated themselves to pursuing CDG Builders as a full-time endeavor. Despite the suffering economy in which the company began, CDG Builders has flourished, owing much of its continued success to repeat clients.

CDG Builders quadrupled in size within in the first four years following its incorporation and remains a specialist in the field of tenant improvement and design-build projects, dedicated to providing excellence in service.