Executive Profiles

Greg Horvath

Greg Horvath / Founder and Principal

Principal and Founder, Greg Horvath, began his career in the industry while attending North Carolina State University. While obtaining his degree in Construction Engineering & Management, he gained vital trade experience working for Fluor, a world-wide power industry construction leader.

Horvath’s experience with Fluor allowed him to quickly learn the principles of project management while working on a large, ground up project. His extensive knowledge led him to take part in a variety of assignments as a Project Engineer. In 2005, while working for Rudolph and Sletten, Horvath joined a special projects team where he met Chris DeFazio. The following year, however, Rudolph and Sletten announced changes within the company that would lead to the disbanding of the special projects team that had introduced them.

Horvath continued working for Rudolph and Sletten, securing his own large-scale project in Los Angeles. In 2007, ready for new challenges, he left Rudolph and Sletten to work for Pacific Construction Group. Horvath would go on to become a master of commercial interior construction.

Still focused on the dream he formed with DeFazio at Rudolph and Sletten, Horvath obtained his general contracting license in 2008, and the groundwork of forming a company of his own was set. While strategizing how to take his company live, he continued working with Pacific Construction Group.

In 2008, Horvath took CDG Builders live, successfully bidding and completing his first project the following year. Leaving Pacific Construction Group in 2009, Horvath and DeFazio took to CDG Builders full-time.

Chris DeFazio

Chris De Fazio / Principal

For Principal, Chris DeFazio, construction has always been the family business. Beginning his career in the industry as a jack of all trades, DeFazio worked alongside his uncle at Radco, building retail stores throughout southern California.

With over five years of field experience under his belt, he was given the opportunity to manage the office of a small concrete construction company. He was introduced to the inner-operations of construction; learning accounting, estimating, scheduling, and office management. This experience would ultimately further his success in the construction industry and, eventually, in his role at CDG Builders.

Returning to work in the field in 2000, DeFazio joined Rudolph and Sletten as a Field Supervisor. Soon after, he was promoted to Senior Project Engineer—the only one in this position without a college degree. With only a year of experience in his first senior-level position, he was promoted again to Project Manager, a feat that usually would take up to three years for associates to obtain.

Challenged by the same changes that fellow special projects division member Greg Horvath, faced at the news of a corporate re-structuring DeFazio left Rudolph and Sletten in 2009. He accepted a position with JE Dunn’s newest branch in Southern California.

Finding a familiar comfort at JE Dunn’s special projects division, DeFazio thrived and reaffirmed the passion he once had while working with Rudolph and Sletten. In 2010, however, JE Dunn would announce the closing of their California branch. Finding himself at another crossroads, DeFazio would form a partnership with Horvath, working full-time at CDG Builders.