The CDG Difference

Image 1.2CDG Builders specializes in a variety of commercial, healthcare, retail, and science & technology projects. Often times these projects can occur in an occupied area or fully-functioning office space. In these situations, it is imperative to ensure that our respective clients can work with little disruption and maintain a “business as usual” feel. For many projects, this can be a difficult feat.

Without a clear and detailed depiction of the client’s expectations and contractor’s capabilities, the simplest of tasks can put strain on day to day business. Jobs can wind up costing more time and money, and eventually snowball into an unmanageable and less than idyllic finished product. It comes as no surprise, then, that the foundation of any tenant improvement project starts with good communication and an unparalleled knowledge of the task at hand.

Cue the CDG difference-where providing excellence is rooted in client participation and effective communication. With a systematic approach in estimating, scheduling, and constructing, the impact of construction on the tenant can be greatly reduced. When our work starts, we ensure that everyday business doesn’t stop. (continued.)

Inaugural Newsletter

Image 1.1Even in a world of dot.coms, virtual offices, and telecommuting; the construction industry remains a good thermometer for America’s economic health.  So what are the economists saying about commercial construction in 2013? Such a lackluster statement warrants no drum roll, but don’t blame the economists.  After all, their crystal ball is made up of those in the trenches of the industry- Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Building Owners and others in the commercial, industrial and institutional field.  (continued.)